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yuppie wrote:

> 1.) CMFStaging tests
> For a while now, I see 6 CMFStaging tests failing. Can anybody confirm
> they are broken? Does anybody use CMFStaging and knows how to fix these
> tests?

We use it.  I don't actually consider it to be part of the CMF itself --
it is only in that part of the CVS tree through historical accident.
Its dependency on ZopeVersionControl makes it an "outsider" for the CMF
as a whole.

I believe that the tests you are seeing are due to a recent change which
attempts to add "garbage collection" of timed-out locks;  I will look
into that today.

> 2.) test_DiscussionReply.py
> - while most test modules include tests for a corresponding module of
> the product, these are tests for a single collector issue
> - the tests are not really unit tests, more something like integration
> tests
> - they don't work with Zope 2.8
> - they are not included in test_all.py
> - AFAICS there are other tests that cover the related collector issue
> Anybody wants to fix these tests for Zope 2.8? If not, I'd like to
> remove them.

The module is prety recent:  Stefan and Florent have done most of the
work there, so I will let them comment.

> 3.) Zope 2.8 warnings
> 'Zope2' is not available in Zope 2.7 and 'Zope' is deprecated in Zope
> 2.8. Same with 'transaction' and 'get_transaction'.
> Has anybody a better idea to resolve it than this way:
> http://cvs.zope.org/Products/CMFCore/tests/base/testcase.py.diff?r1=1.11&r2=1.12
> If not, I'll use that pattern for other files and the 1.5 branch as well.

Works for me -- I can't see any other way around that change.

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