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2.) test_DiscussionReply.py

- while most test modules include tests for a corresponding module of the product, these are tests for a single collector issue

- the tests are not really unit tests, more something like integration tests

Well there are lots of those in CMF anyway, no ?


- they don't work with Zope 2.8

- they are not included in test_all.py

Note, test_all.py should not be used anymore. bin/zopectl test is the
way to go.

I'd rather see those being removed than getting out of sync. They are not part of the API, so I don't think we need a long warning period.

- AFAICS there are other tests that cover the related collector issue

Anybody wants to fix these tests for Zope 2.8? If not, I'd like to remove them.

If what's tested there is also tested elsewhere, why not...

I'm not sure about that. But there are 2 DiscussionTests that check the talkback wrapper, and AFAICS missing wrappers were the problem of http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF/318



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