Truong Trung Trang wrote at 2005-4-5 10:57 +0700:
> ...
>I'm doing a project of CMS with Zope and Plone. I'd like to understand
>clearly the architecture of Zope but I think that's a hard work for me. It
>will much easier if I have the documentation about how did Zope corporation
>design it, the modeling with UML of Zope, Structural Diagrams, Bihavior
>Diagrams, Modeling Management Diagrams ... but I can not find it anywhere.
>Please tell me where and how to get them. 
>Thanhks alot.

There are (or at least were) UML diagrams for parts of
Zope (ZODB and CMF) on ""; and "";.

I cannot give you precise URLs (I never search for others).
And they may have removed...


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