Dieter Maurer  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In our regular profiles, "listFilteredActionsFor" belongs to
> the top consumers of CPU time.
> Recently, I found the main culprit (in CMF 1.4):
>    It is the completely unnecessary:
>       if not action in catlist:
> In our case, "listFilteredActionsFor" spends about 70 percent
> of its complete time in the checking of "action in catlist".
> How in hell should the same action be defined more than once
> such that we need to prevent such a case by an explicit check --
> especially by such an expensive one?
> A comment before the line indicates that the author intended
> to check by identity. But, of course, "action in catlist"
> does *NOT* check by identity but by equality.
> I propose to remove the check altogether...


The three lines above could be reduced to one using .setdefault() too.


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