On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 15:53, Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

> these are unauthenticated pages that cause conflict errors, otherwise
> authentication uses a cookie to store the ZopeID, and everything else
> that has to do with authenticated user information (user id basically)
> is stored in a RAM cache.
> a new session ZopeID is generated for every individual browser hit though.
> ....
> HTTP request sent, awaiting response...
>  1 HTTP/1.1 200 OK
>  2 Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 19:51:20 GMT
>  3 Server: Zope/(Zope 2.7.4-1, python 2.3.4, linux2) ZServer/1.1 CPS/3.2
>  4 Content-Length: 16795
>  5 Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-15
>  6 Set-Cookie: _ZopeId="41473498A1yZZ1hSqjM"; Path=/
>  7 Connection: close

That's a clue that something is likely causing a session hit for every
request.  This is also likely the cause of your abnormal number of
conflict errors.  You can do one of three things:

1) Tune the sessioning machinery to reduce conflicts (maybe bump up the
session-resolution-seconds in zope.conf to 60 rather than the default 20
at first; also see http://www.plope.com/Members/dunny/conflicts/view for
an idea of how configuration impacts conflict errors).

2) Don't generate a session hit on every request but only in places
where it's necessary.

3) Use a different session data manager (like the one Richard Jones just
sent up that uses SQL).

- C

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