Hi, list.

I'm trying to implement task assignment to a person instead of a role or permission in workflow.
While browsing thru DCWorkflow docs I thought I found perfect way to do this by creating state variable called 'user' and setting it to whatever I need. Then guard expression checks if current user is the one who has been assigned to accomplish the task.
So I set guard expression for worklist to
python:state.get('user') == 'someone' # maybe user.getId()
but state.get always returns None (or default value if specified), no matter what variable is being retrieved.
workflow.getInfoFor(here, 'user') doesn't work either, it says I have no enough permissions.
This problem is very similar to http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2003-August/019221.html expect for author tried to guard transitions instead of worklist.

Can anyone tell why guard expressions behave this way? Is there any workaround? (the one I see is to store 'user' as object's property, not as workflow variable)

Thanks in advice.
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