Tres Seaver wrote:
Hmm, if I remove the 'test_all' fossil on the 1.4 branch, and run the
tests using 'bin/zopectl test', all is well -- the tests are actually
failing the second time through, when somebody has stomped on the
'DummyFTI' instance imported from 'Products.CMFCore.tests.base.dummy'.

Would anyone be torqued if we removed all the 'test_all' shims from the
CMF 1.4 branch?  All they are doing now is making it take longer to run
tests, and potentially creating testing bugs.

Note that backporting the changes from CMF 1.5 would also resolve this issue.

AFAIR Zope 2.6 doesn't ship with and doesn't work for the CMF. So people might have trouble running tests on Zope 2.6 without

But *if* and are obsolete on the 1.4 branch, I can't see why we should keep them on CMF-1_5-branch and HEAD.

Just my 2 cents. Yuppie

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