Tres Seaver  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > In an application we're seeing many ConflictErrors wrongly catched here.
> > I'm changing it to at least reraise the ConflictError directly.
> +1.  Please check in wherever appropriate.

Done Friday before the release, with other small changes.

> BTW, did you finish the set of changes which missed going in to 1.4.8?
> If so, somebody could roll a 1.4.9 (I think Plone 2.1 wants to release
> against the latest 1.4 release).

Yes they were done shortly after 1.4.8 was released. I don't have any
outstanding problem with 1.4 branch at the moment.

But anyway we're using 1.5 for production. I'd rather let Sidnei do a
release if Plone needs one.


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