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Chris Derson wrote:

> I'm using Plone 2, and I've been having some problems with effective
> dates.  After a bit of fiddling with the Access Inactive Content setting
> I've been able to supress folders from the navigation portlet, however I
> would like to be able to supress documents within a folder, but have
> been unbale to find a Security setting that controls this.   To be a
> little more precise, if a folder holds time-limited documents, they are
> all listed, regardless of Effective / Expiry date settings or who is
> viewing the page (anon user, registered, owner etc).
> I'm probably missing something simple here, but I've dug around in the
> skins folder, and played with the permissions to no avail.
> BTW, I'm posting this question here, because it's already been mentioned
> on the Plone list
> (http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=4128140&forum_id=8090),
> but the response was that they thought it was a CMF issue.

The "stock" CMFCore.PortalFolder module does not filter
'content{Ids,Items,Values}' based on expiration range.  I believe that
Plone has gone to using catalog queries for their 'folder_contents'
view, which should respect the range for non-manager users.

A patch to fix this would be accepted:  you probably want to be hacking
on the '_filteredItems' method in CMFCore.PortalFolder, along with
adding tests.

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