KLEIN Stéphane wrote at 2005-5-6 09:50 +0200:
>I'm intriged to how working the skin. When I call foo/index.html how/who 
>call skins/plone_templates/index.pt ?

The "SkinsTool" manages a set of skins. Each skin
is a name lookup device consisting of various layes which
are themselves lookup devices.

When a skin is asked to lookup a name, it
asks each of its layes in turn until the one of them
resolves the name. The result is then this object.

A "Portal" inherits "Skinnable.SkinnableObjectManager".
This provides a "__getattr__" which looks attributes
up via the "SkinsTool". The currently selected skin
is determined from the request (or the default skin is used)
and this skin is asked to resolve the attribute name.

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