To all,

I am building a CMF site that will have many organizations (could be up to 200 or 300). Each organization will have it's own set of users, and probably it's own set of roles, although most of the roles will be the same across all organizations.

I have a couple questions, and really am just kicking some thoughts around, and would be curious as to anyone's ideas.

1. Should I consider having separate User Folders (I'm using GRUF) for each organization? This makes sense for a lot of reasons. Users of one organization will probably never be in another, so why clutter up one huge User Folder?

2. Should I consider just having separate CMF sites for each organization? This would offer the ultimate in flexibility, but would probably be a maintenance nightmare. I don't have any idea how many CMF sites I could have on one server, but I'll bet the number is pretty high.

I am going to need to report across all organizations, so it might be nice to have all the data in one CMF catalog, but it also seems possible to roll up the data from each organization whether they are in one CMF site, or many.

If anyone has thought about this, or done any work similar, I would appreciate hearing their thoughts.


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