Chris Crownhart wrote at 2005-5-16 10:28 -0600:
> ...
>I am building a CMF site that will have many organizations (could be up 
>to 200 or 300).  Each organization will have it's own set of users, and 
>probably it's own set of roles, although most of the roles will be the 
>same across all organizations.
>I have a couple questions, and really am just kicking some thoughts 
>around, and would be curious as to anyone's ideas.
>1. Should I consider having separate User Folders (I'm using GRUF) for 
>each organization?  This makes sense for a lot of reasons.  Users of one 
>organization will probably never be in another, so why clutter up one 
>huge User Folder?
>2. Should I consider just having separate CMF sites for each 
>organization?  This would offer the ultimate in flexibility, but would 
>probably be a maintenance nightmare.  I don't have any idea how many CMF 
>sites I could have on one server, but I'll bet the number is pretty high. 

I would probably go for this solution.

These sites can share a large amount of templates and logic (if they

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