Raphael Ritz wrote at 2005-6-3 09:40 +0200:
>Chris Withers wrote:
>> That said, I'm also aware that there are currently 4 of us talking about
>> this, 2 on each side. What does the rest of the community think?
>Since you ask so explicitly ;-)
>I agree with Florent: Your site's _USERES_ should never get
>an error thrown at. There are other ways to inform the site's

But "admin"s are lazy people (I am one, part time; therefore, I know...)
*unless* their users report problems.

I know that lots of admins saw lots of inconsistency reports
in Zope's logfile -- and did nothing!
Only newbies asked from time to time what these log entries
mean -- and got the advice to ignore them...
I speak about the "could not remove XXX from index III"
that plagued Zope's "KeywordIndex" for years.

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