I'd like to change the queryMethodID method of FactoryTypeInformation in CMF 1.5 and HEAD. I want to reimplement Archetype's template mixin feature for CMF. (*)

For the new feature I need the caller context in queryMethodID for a dynamic view template. I propose to alter the method from queryMethodID(self, alias, default=None) to queryMethodID(self, alias, default=None, context=None) and add context=self to all calls of queryMethodID.

TemplateMixin allows to register different view templates per portal type. The owner of a content object can select a template that should be used as the default template for his object. For example he can choose that a folder should be viewed as photo album instead of folder listing by default.

I would be happy to contribute it to CMF 1.5 under ZPL 2.1. Is CMF 1.5 still open for new features?


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