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Florent Guillaume wrote:
In the Properties tab of CMFSetup, you can choose an active site configuration, among the snapshots and the registered profiles. This sets the current context_id for the tool, and loads the import steps, export steps and toolset for that configuration.

When you switch to a new base configuration, the import/export steps are loaded on top of the current ones without purging. So for instance if you:
- select CMFDefault Site. The import steps now comprise 8 steps.
- select CMFCalendar. The import steps now have an additional "Various Calendar Settings" step. - select CMFDefault Site again (or a third-party base (non-extension) profile). The Calendar step is retained.

Is this intended ? If yes, why ? My reasoning would be that when you import a base profile, you want just that, not what was previously there.

I'll fix that if we agree it's a bug.

Well. This is still a mess. Loading import/export steps from the profile did make more sense before I added extension profile support. Now I would prefer to register *all* handlers on Zope startup.

The handlers are supposed to do nothing if there are no related XML-files in the selected profile. But this rule doesn't work with the provisional handlers in CMFDefault and CMFCalendar because they don't depend on an XML-file.

The problem with the fix you proposed is that we currently need a complete set of import/export handlers for snapshots/exports. Switching back to the base profile would reset all handlers and make snapshots incomplete.



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