just came across this one:

If you change your 'Members' folder to be a BTree folder
CMFDefault's 'getHomeFolder' throws a 'KeyError' if looking
for a non-existing id (e.g., if your account is defined in
Zope root).

Per default, 'Members' is a regular PortalFolder instance
which gives an 'AttributeError' on such look-ups which
is caught in the method but the 'KeyError' isn't.

Now changing the 'Members' folder to be a BTree folder
maybe isn't that uncommon, so I just want to ask whether
we want to catch that one as well or whether we just
don't care - IAW should I put this on the tracker?


PS: You might have guessed it: I'm starting to look at
getting Plone running on CMF-1.5

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