thanks very much,
I read the documentation and it sounds *VERY* good.

We created several "collaborative" workflows and would have dearly loved the feature set offered by

Now a question: What is NOT available of the features described in the document when a CMF/Plone site is used ?


Anahide Tchertchian wrote:

A documentation for the CPSWorkflow product is now available.
You can find it at the following URL:
A Zope product comes with this documentation, as it is constructed as a
tutorial. Here is the introduction:

The purpose of this documentation is to explain how to setup workflows
using CPSWorkflow.
CPSWorkflow is an extension of the DCWorkflow product, providing some
additional features that will be explained in this document. CPSWorkflow
is a CPS core component that can be used as well within a CMF or
CMFPlone instance, even if some features are not available outside of CPS.
Concepts and terms used about workflows will be presented in the first
chapter, and a sample workflow will be detailed in the second chapter.
The appendix gives additional technical information about workflows

Any kind of feedback is very welcome.


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