While I was working on the CMF 1.5 integration into AT and ATContentTypes for Plone 2.1 I had some issues with the view on folders. After some digging I found these interesting results:

CMFCore.PortalObject defines __call__ to use method aliases and _getViewFor() as fallback, view = __call__ and index_html = None.

CMFDefault.SkinnedFolder defines __call__ to use _getViewFor(), view = __call__ and index_html = None

CMFCore.PortalFolder doesn't hook into index_html/__call__ publishing at all.

What's the reason PortalFolder doesn't define __call__ at all? Shouldn't it use __call__ to get the view from method aliases or _getViewFor() as fallback?

Why does SkinnedFolder still uses the old and deprecated way as default way to get the view and why does it ignore method aliases completly? IMO SkinnedFolder.__call__ is buggy and wasn't fixed when method aliases were introduced.


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