Christian Heimes wrote:
I have a strange issue with ActionInfo under CMF 1.5

Debugging output:

> /opt/zope/instances/plone21z28cmf15/Products/CMFCore/
-> return value
(Pdb) value
<bound method ActionInfo._getURL of {'category': 'user', 'available': True, 'title': 'My Folder', 'url': <bound method ActionInfo._getURL of {...}>, 'name': 'My Folder', 'visible': True, 'allowed': True, 'id': 'mystuff', 'permissions': ('View',)}>
(Pdb) self._lazy_keys

self._lazy_keys should not be empty here.

I was able to reproduce this problem with copied ActionInfo objects. A fix for the copy method is on the CMF-1_5-branch. Hope that fixes your issue as well.

Cheers, Yuppie

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