yuppie wrote at 2005-6-26 19:32 +0200:
> ...
>BTW: I'm not at all happy with the worklist Actions.

They are very useful.

>They are very 
>expensive and specialized.

They can be made *MUCH* faster by using "ZCatalog.searchResults(catalog, ...)"
rather than "catalog.searchResults(...)" when "catalog" is "portal_catalog".

The expensive part is the "effective <= now <= expires" subquery
added by the catalog tool.

>And they are in the wrong place because they 
>are often not workflow specific if you have more than one workflow. 

With this, I agree...

However, you will loose the workflow integration with respect
to the "catalog variable"s.

>Maybe they should be marked as deprecated instead of improved?

They should be improved and maybe moved out of DCWorkflow.

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