Hi guys,

As you have noticed, I have just released 1.5.2beta. Tres tagged it a couple days ago and I just published it from that tag. Since he is at Europython right now I'm assuming he had enough of the cats that need herding for a release on hand to get a consensus that the time is ripe for this beta.

As always, the beta implies that you should hold off with anything but bugfixes on the CMF-1_5-branch in CVS until CMF 1.5.2 final is released. If nothing comes up, I would actually like to do that in 1-1.5 weeks without a second beta, but if fixes creep in a second beta will be released instead. The latest point at which CMF 1.5.2 will come out is the middle of July, a little over 2 weeks from now.

Please test this beta and report any severe bugs that must be fixed before 1.5.2 final.


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