On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 03:14:49PM +0200, Christian Heimes wrote:
> yuppie wrote:
> >That sounds *much* better :)
> >
> >But please use OrderSupport instead of OrderedFolder. That makes the 
> >inheritance tree much simpler and you don't have to override the methods 
> >again:
> >
> >  class PortalFolder(OrderSupport, PortalFolderBase):
> I'm on it. The unit tests are running.

Which unit tests? Is CMFBTreeFolder now supposed to be working 
against the new CMF 1.5.2beta ? It doesn't seem to be here, I still get 
the same AttributeError in manage_renameObject().
Or do I need to get a new version of BTreeFolder2 from somewhere?
I have the 1.0.1 version from hathawaymix.org.


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