> Florent Guillaume wrote:
>> What is it really to be a member of a portal ?
>> 1) we have the Member role, but nowhere is it enforced that members must be Member.
> members represent users that are allowed to login to the portal and use features of the site that are not public. They might have different global or local Roles.
> The 'Member' Role represents a basic set of Permissions common members have for the site. Sometimes this Role represents the least common denominator and all members have the 'Member' Role. In other cases members with Roles like 'Reviewer' or 'Manager' don't have a 'Member' Role. I would not enforce one policy.

That's pretty subtle.

I've added a third party role, 'Customer' to my CMF site. I don't want this role to 'add portal content'. I have member folder auto creation 'on' for my standard 'Members'. But this means my Customer's also have a folder object created for them - which I don't want.

Is it simply a case of 'patch' my CMF MembershipTool to only do this
 if user.has_role('Member') ... ?

Or should I be looking at it from a different perspective?

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