On 3 Jul 2005, at 23:19, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Yes, I would use that migration script that comes with SVN which claims to retain all history. Tomorrow, time permitting, I might make a copy of the CMF tree inside the CVS repository and run the migration script against it. I want to product a test-migrated instance in svn.zope.org that we can all look at to see if this will work.

So I've played around with cvs2svn in a sandbox that contains a copy of the cvs.zope.org CVSROOT and the /CMF folder but I'm running into a problem.

Back when the original Zope migration happened the script would create a hierarchy like this, which is the hierarchy used for all projects on svn.zope.org and I'd like to stick to that:


With version 1.2.1 of the cvs2svn package (and with an unknown older version that I found in Jim's home directory on cvs.zope.org) I can only produce this kind of hierarchy:


I've even hacked the cvs2svn script itself, but to no avail so far. Does anyone have a version that does it the "old" way so we're not mixing up these two policies on svn.zope.org?


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