Seb Bacon wrote:
As to your notes on the wiki:

* Zope3 style interfaces: this is fairly uncontroversial and not too painful

* Movement of presentation logic into Views gives us potentially great wins

Five provides a smooth migration path for both migration tasks: CMF 1.5.2 already ships with many Zope3 style interfaces and mixing skins and views seems to work fine.

* However, are you / we confident that we've found the best patterns
for utilities / adapters yet?  I'm not!

Maybe we should first see what people want to contribute and decide later if we call it CMF 1.6 or 2.0.

In addition, I have a number of more ambitious thoughts about the CMF,
which don't necessarily relate to Zope3 - relating, for example, to
schema-driven development,

You can use schema-based Five content with CMF 1.5.2.

or XML in the presentation layerl.

Not sure what you mean exactly by that.



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