CMF 1.5 registers 2 Site factories:

- CMFDefault the old and deprecated factory for meta type 'CMF Site'

- CMFSetup the new factory for meta type 'Configured CMF Site'

On CMF HEAD the old factory should no longer be used TTW, but manage_addCMFSite should still be available for backwards compatibility.

See also this issue: http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF/364

My first attempt was to make the old factory invisible, but that doesn't work because the ObjectManager machinery requires a visible 'CMF Site' factory to handle CMFSite objects correctly. And we can't override that behavior because the parent of CMFSite objects is no CMF specific ObjectManager.

So I propose a different approach:

- move the 'Configured CMF Site' factory to CMFDefault (it is anyway CMFDefault specific because it uses a hardcoded CMFDefault CMFSite)

- make 'CMF Site' behave like CMF 1.5's 'Configured CMF Site'

If there are no objections, I'll change this on HEAD.



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