Alec Mitchell wrote:
On Thursday 14 July 2005 11:27 am, yuppie wrote:
Alec Mitchell wrote:

I recently noticed that the recent addition of default type profiles to
CMFDefault (e.g. CMFDefault/profiles/default/types/Topic.xml), has the
very unwelcome side-effect of adding extra unwanted actions to the ATCT
types in plone 2.1.  Perhaps these customizations should check the
meta_type of the FTI they are altering before making potentially
undesirable changes?

Could you please describe what you are exactly doing? When and why does
Plone import the CMFDefault profile?

Actually, the problem was in ATCT, though it appears to have only become visible because of the new profiles. The profiles are imported in PloneGenerator, which inherits CMFDefault.Portal.PortalGenerator and calls setup. Sorry for the false alarm. :)

CMFDefault.Portal.PortalGenerator is deprecated code and doesn't use CMFSetup and profiles in any way.

CMF 1.5 has some new / modified Actions, but that has nothing to do with CMFSetup.

Cheers, Yuppie

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