On 17 Jul 2005, at 16:33, yuppie wrote:
+1 for using the new repository, looks great so far.

Two minor issues (almost non-issues):

1.) AFAIK we don't use these keywords: 'Author', 'Date' and 'Revision'. Maybe they should not even be set.

2.) The virtually empty products like CMFCollector, CMFStaging and CMFTracker don't make much sense in a new repository. I guess they should be removed from CMF trunk. (The real products are in CMF_Extras)

The keywords are probably set automatically by cvs2svn, there wasn't any operational flag to influence that. You're welcome to clean things up that are obviously not needed.

The same is true for the CMFCollector/Tracker/Staging remnants if you find any outside of CMF_Extras. They can be svn removed. You're empowered to wield the axe ;)

The migration did not include doing cleanups like that. We will all find little things here and there, and with a heads-up to the group we can clean them up as we see them.


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