Hi Julien!

Julien Anguenot wrote:
Log message for revision 37237:
  Fix DefaultWorkflowDefinition bug on isActionSupported() for the
  keywargs support to reflect DCWorkflowDefinition changes.  Add test
  case for this definition as well.

  U   CMF/branches/CMF-1_5-branch/CHANGES.txt
  U   CMF/branches/CMF-1_5-branch/CMFDefault/DefaultWorkflow.py
  A   CMF/branches/CMF-1_5-branch/CMFDefault/tests/test_default_workflow.py

Why did you add a new test file instead of using test_DefaultWorkflow.py?

+import Zope2

Importing 'Zope2' fails with Zope 2.7. Please use on the 1.5 branch the pattern used in other tests.

Property changes on: 
Name: svn:keywords
   + Id

Please don't forget to set always svn:eol-style native.



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