When you launch CMF unit tests, you get among others:

CMFCore/FSPropertiesObject.py:95: DeprecationWarning: FSProperties objects will disappear in CMF 1.7 - Use FSMetadata objects instead.

But FSPropertiesObject control the '.props' extension, that is used to create folders with many ad-hoc properties, like we still do for stylesheet_properties.props. This is not deprecated to my knowledge.

I'd say the warning should instead be in FSMetadata.py, in _old_readProperties, when we deal with '.properties' files, that indeed are obsoleted by '.metadata' files.

The checkin message by Jens says:
CMFCore.FSPropertiesObject: Added a deprecation warning to announce the
  fact that .properties files will disappear in CMF 1.7 and should be
  replaced with CMFCore.FSMetadata (.metadata) files.
(http://svn.zope.org/branches/CMF-1_5-branch/CMFCore/ FSPropertiesObject.py?rev=36843&r1=36461&r2=36843)

So am I right in thinking that the warning was added in the wrong place?


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