On 23 Jul 2005, at 18:21, David Pratt wrote:
/usr/local/zope/instance1/Products/CMFCore/utils.py:427: DeprecationWarning: The product_name parameter of ToolInit is deprecated and will be ignored in CMF1.6: kupu

I checked with CMFDefault to see it there was a different class to use but it is as follows:

from Products.CMFCore.utils import ToolInit

    ToolInit( 'CMF Default Tool'
            , tools=tools
            , icon='tool.gif'
            ).initialize( context )

What should I be using instead of ToolInit so that code is more futureproof and to avoid the deprecation warnings.

Please read the warning more carefully, it spells out very clearly what the problem is. It's not ToolInit that's deprecated, but passing an argument named "product_name" to it. One of your products does. Find it andd eliminate the extra argument.


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