Sam Brauer wrote at 2005-7-29 08:19 -0700:
>I've recently encountered a similar problem, and I'm
>not using Plone.  I'm in the process of migrating some
>CMF sites to  Zope 2.7.7 and CMF 1.5.2, from Zope
>2.7.2 and CMF-1.4.8.
>With the newer software, I find that users who are
>defined in the site's acl_users (even with the Manager
>role) never see any transactions listed on the
>undo_form, while users defined in the main acl_users
>at the root of the zope instance do see transactions

I remember (faintly) to have read in this list that
there have been recent changes with respect to "undo"
that break the CMF.

Please search the archive...

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