Tres Seaver wrote:

> Geoff, we *do* want the Plone developers to participate here.  Some of
> the past history we can let pass, in order to share better in the
> future.  In general, we would like to see "infrastructure" components
> shared, where possible.

I'm glad to hear it.  My sense is that my fellow Plone folks would also
like to have infrastructure living in the CMF so it will get wider usage
and support.  We could definitely do a better job of systematically
evaluating what should live where and then acting accordingly, and I
think the CMF community could do a better job of engaging in that
discussion with us.

Once the dust clears from the Plone 2.1 release, I will see if we can
get some discussion going on the plone-developers list about moving some
things to CMF.

I agree that SecureMailHost is a good candidate for a move.  Perhaps
ResourceRegistries as well.  There are a number of utility methods that
we have added to CMFDefault's base tools that could easily be moved over
to CMF.  I'd also like to have the CMFFormController discussion

In addition there are a number of things in the Plone SVN collective
( that might find a good home in
the CMF (though not necessarily in their current form).  A few
candidates: the functionality in PortalTransitions I think would make a
nice addition to DCWorkflow; ETagCacheManager (once it is refined a bit)
would make a nice addition to the standard cache managers.


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