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Tres Seaver  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I think the discussion around Archetypes, in particular, ended up
stalled over the question of whether to "code generation" design
should be preferred over "configuration-based" design (as found in
CPSSchemas, for instance).

Also now that Zope 3 is taking more and more importance in CMF, any
schema-based solution should be based on Zope 3 schemas. IMO both
Archetypes and CPSSchemas are too big frameworks to include in CMF.

Absolutely. I think at least at the CMF developer level we're in agreement that the direction is "towards Zope 3 via Five". Any decision we make about including new code must be made with that in mind.

Which leaves the question, because I simply don't know: What is the direction Plone is moving in?


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