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I needed to leverage the "framework" of CMFSetup for a client, without
bringing along any of its CMF dependencies.  To that end, I split out a
"generic" version of it, at:


- From the README.txt:
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  This product is a "cut-down" version of the CMFSetup product, shipped
  with CMF 1.5.x:  it removes all CMF dependencies.  In the ideal world,
  CMFSetup would depend on this product, and supply the CMF-specific
  bits (handlers for actions, types, workflows, etc.).

  This product provides a mini-framework for expressing the configured
  state of a Zope Site as a set of filesystem artifacts.  These
  artifacts consist of declarative XML files, which spell out the
  configuration settings for each "tool" in the site , and supporting
  scripts / templates, in their "canonical" filesystem representations.

 Configurations Included

  The 'setup_tool' knows how to export / import configurations and
  scripts for the following tools:

   - (x) removal / creation of specified tools

   - (x) itself :)

   - (x) the role / permission map on the "site" object (its parent)

   - (x) properties of the site object
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I think that this split ("framework" in GenericSetup, CMF-specific
policy in CMFSetup) might make the overall approach used in CMFSetup
more widely useful.  I can see that making CMF dependent on a non-core
package would be tricky;  can anyone point out other issues, or suggest

BTW, I did add a new feature (import from tarballs) to GenericSetup;  if
the CMF community can't see a way to use GenericSetup, I will look at
porting that feature back to CMFSetup (it shouldn't be too hard).

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