I had a look at the plone way of doing it - it is basically the same requirement, AFAICS (always good to know :-) ).

I definitely prefer the 'concreteness' of having an interface: for me, the drawback about the plone way of doing it, for me, that the code about how to calculate the attribute lived outside of the tool class, but the tool was responsible for providing it. For example, 'syndication_enabled' should be a variable provided directly by the syndication tool rather than somewhere else.

I think the approach I outlined could work for plone with only a minor change: recasting the extensible-indexable-object-wrapper into a 'catalog_registry' tool that provided the necessary interface, and supported registerIndexableAttribute. The functions in CMFPlone.CatalogTool could then register with that transparently. I think it would be straightforward to do this, and it would help me to test things out, so I can do that and submit it to you/plone/mailing list if it's useful.

Incidentally, CPS patches CatalogTool with its own version of indexableobjectwrapper which provides some more general catalog information about paths and depths, etc, and my approach would remove the need for this to be done in a patch.


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