Hi, CMF folks. Munwar and I would like to start public discussion about Goldegg, a funding initiative for advancing Zope 3 in the Plone/CMF/Five software stack. In summary, Goldegg provides funding to get Zope 3 into the near-term roadmaps of the stack. Specifically, the funding initiative helps get the leaders of these roadmaps working in coordination on the next releases.

As background, a few months ago I circulated a "CMF++" proposal, where money was pooled to produce 2 CMF releases that leveraged some of Zope 3. Munwar Shariff from CIGNEX convinced a Plone customer to spend money on an expanded version of this proposal that included Plone's Zope 3 near-term roadmap. CIGNEX asked me to be project co-coordinator with Munwar.

We have talked quite a bit with many of the stack leaders and we're now ready to open up the discussion. We have some content ready and are preparing a small little site for news. The next few emails will discuss the proposed projects for the Goldegg One funding cycle covering the next 3 months.

In the coming week we will provide more information about the roadmap items we're helping to support. However, Goldegg isn't a new software effort. Rather, it funds existing efforts. The first cycle of Goldegg funding, in fact, slots most of the money into already-discussed CMF activities. Thus, most of the conversation will happen in the CMF, Five, and Plone mailing lists.

We will, though, start talking to other companies that want to pool money. If you make money off of the stack and want to see its architecture improve in the next release cycles, Goldegg is the best chance you'll get to have an impact. Including the impact of shorter release cycles!

I'm available to chat to anybody that has questions about this. Munwar and I have listened to lots of people and we're trying hard to do things the best way possible. It's a tough job to balance all the interests while still giving this customer the right outcome. Thus, we need to ask you for patience on things we mess up. We might not get it right the first time, but we'll listen and keep trying.

I also need to give huge kudos to CIGNEX for making this happen. They produced the customer funding and even matched it with internal funding. Thus, CIGNEX has primed the pump for a near-term Five-ification roadmap, and they're doing it by giving money to existing leaders for existing ideas. This is a brilliant and generous step. It's up to the rest of us -- businesses with funding contributions, community with code and ideas -- to show whether monetary investment can fill medium-term needs.

--Paul and Munwar

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