Stefan Holek has asked be if we could do another "quickie release" and I promised we would, given we have at least one beta. He wants the fix
for this issue in the final:

If nobody in the community thinks they are at risk here (i.e., they are
running old Apache with the bug for which forcing a Content-Length
header was the workaround), then I am OK with this fix.

This "fix" has nothing to do with the ZServer issue - all we do in CMF is prevent setting content-length in the CMF code, ZServer will still add the zero-length header. This mirrors the behavior OFS.Image has now and is therefore 100% safe.

The ZServer issue itself will be dealt with on a different time line.

To that effect, I want to do a beta Saturday afternoon or Sunday
morning and a final release at the end of next week.

Anyone have any problems with this plan?

CMF 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 were both created FBO the Plone 2.1 release cycle;
I don't like the rhythm here, and would rather be making betas / RCs for
the Plone RCs.  Therefore, this will be the last time that we create
third-dot releases in advance of the Plone final release.

I agree. This is a matter of concerted planning instead of the current "we think we have something to release, please make a CMF release for us".


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