So hopefully this is the last pre-Plone 2.1 release. As always, please test this is as good as you can and don't check anything that's not an urgent bug fix into the 1.5 branch until 1.5.4 final is out, which I plan on doing this coming weekend unless something bad happens.

The changes, meaning the items people should look at closely over the next week, were the following:

  Bug Fixes

    - CMFCore.utils: The return value from _mergedLocalRoles allowed
      direct manipulation of objects' local role settings since it
      contained references to the actual values instead of copies.

    - CMFTopic.DateCriteria: The behavior and naming of date criteria
      operators was very confusing and in many cases unexpected and
      wrong. For that reason e.g. Plone replaced the implementation
      with a more user-friendly handling which is hereby introduced
      to CMF proper. (

    - CMFCore.PortalContent, CMFCore.FSSTXMethod, CMFTopic.Topic,
CMFDefault.SkinnedFolder: Cache headers from the Caching Policy Manager never got set for DTML-based skins due to the way the view template __call__ method was invoked. ( CMF/374)

- CMFCore.FSImage and FSFile: Unlike the current behavior of Zope itself, FSImage and FSFile would set a content-length response header for 304
      (not modified) responses, which should not be done according to
RFC 2616. It won't do so anymore, but Zope itself will still force a
      content-length header in ZServer.HTTPResponse. This misbehavior
has been filed as a Zope issue ( Zope/1866).

    - PortalFolder: Improved the _checkId method.
Method Aliases mask objects with matching IDs. Thus _checkId() and checkIdAvailable() now make sure non-managers can't create objects with
      IDs already taken by Method Aliases of the current folder.

- CMFDefault.Image and CMFDefault.File: When calling the constructor,
      any intelligent content type detection would be destroyed by the
      call to initialize Dublin Core values, which would overwrite the
      content_type. It is now preserved, if possible.


    - CMFTopic.Topic: Made Topics a tad more useful by subclassing from
      CMFDefault.SkinnedFolder instead of CMFCore.PortalFolder, because
SkinnedFolder is CatalogAware. Topics now offer useful information
      for Title, Description and SearchableText, so Topic objects can
      be located in the portal by using the standars search facilities.


    - CMFCore.PortalFolder._checkId() allows root doted prefixed name
      object overrides.


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