Yes.  The current roadmap[1] calls for updating the CMF itself to
exploit Z3-via-Five in a number of ways;  such a UI would be very useful
in that effort.  It might even be useful *without* the catalog stuff
(but I haven't looked at what the exact dependencies are).

A primary reason for the plip was the exposure of apidoc within Plone.

Also, iirc, yuppie was talking about creating a more general framework for using stub interfaces, and it would be nice to roll all of these efforts into one at the lowest possible level.

re: dependencies, the one dependency that makes Flon currently plone centric is it's dependence on Plone's interface tool, which it extends to allow for the inspection of the new style of interfaces.

Implementing this tool as a utility and making it backwardly compatible (ie available from getToolByName) might be useful for everyone, and not further pollute the portal root with damn tool objects.


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