I have written unit tests for all the new functionality including what I
believe to be the first CMFCore test suite to use ZopeTestCase.
ZopeTestCase provides a lot of useful functionality, including
functional tests, that I think will make for easier test writing going

Is there anything I need to do before checking it in?

Since this involves several pieces I would create a branch in Subversion and put it there for the moment so that everyone can take a good look.

IMHO there is at least one problematic item (well, it's not for the trunk, but for the 1.5/1.4 branches), which is the dependency on ZopeTestCase. The way the code works right now you immediately prevent any tests from running on platforms that do not have ZopeTestCase installed - it blows up the testrunner. That needs to degrade a bit more gracefully in the absence of ZopeTestCase.

On the other hand there are items I would consider fit for merging immediately, such as all the added header handling in the CachingPolicyManager. The 1.5 branch is currently under "lockdown" until Sunday when I will tag CMF 1.5.4 final.


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