I get a traceback now from Guard.py

exceptions.NameError: global name 'r' is not defined
File "/autotest/temp/python21-zope26-cmf14-plone20/Products/ CMFCore/WorkflowTool.py", line 119, in manage_addWorkflow
    ob = factory(id)
File "/autotest/temp/python21-zope26-cmf14-plone20/Products/ CMFPlone/PloneWorkflow.py", line 26, in createDefaultPloneWorkflow
File "/autotest/temp/python21-zope26-cmf14-plone20/Products/ CMFPlone/PloneWorkflow.py", line 11, in setupDefaultPloneWorkflow
File "/autotest/temp/python21-zope26-cmf14-plone20/Products/ DCWorkflow/Default.py", line 98, in setupDefaultWorkflowRev2
File "/autotest/temp/python21-zope26-cmf14-plone20/Products/ DCWorkflow/Transitions.py", line 126, in setProperties
    if g.changeFromProperties(props or REQUEST):
File "/autotest/temp/python21-zope26-cmf14-plone20/Products/ DCWorkflow/Guard.py", line 124, in changeFromProperties
    self.roles = tuple(r)

On 2. Sep 2005, at 15:58, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

Log message for revision 38244:
Backported several hand-picked fixes from CMF 1.5 branch, most of them
  related to caching and the caching policy manager and a couple other
  ones that I've considered critical by reading the log messages.

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