I'm making a site that has a requirement for metadata and am
unsure about the best way to proceed; whether or not to extend
the CMF MetadataTool or create something afresh. Having looked
at and played with the standard MetadataTool there are some things
missing that I really need to have: 1) the ability to have different
sets of metadata elements applicable to objects (but not based on
that objects type), 2) the ability to configure the order in
which metadata elements appear (when editing, searching etc.).

And example of 1) is to have two sets of metadata elements:
(food brand: 'colour', 'flavour', 'shape') and (car: 'size',
'horsepower', 'weight'). Now,
for an uploaded object I want to choose which set of metadata
to use.

Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated... It just
feels like it would be a lot easier to implement my own tool.

Many thanks,
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