On 9 Sep 2005, at 16:48, Tres Seaver wrote:
Note that the goal with unit tests is to use the *smallest possible
fixture*;  using PortalTestCase when you could equally well use
RequestTest reduces the usefulness of the test:

- it runs slower (the "nibbled to death by ducks" effect, particularly
    when re-running the tests frequently, as we all should).

This is painful when tests are run by hand, but also buy a buildbot for instance, because if the tests are slow you have much worse granularity for the reports.

  - it may mask undesirable dependencies (CMFCore is not supposed to
    depend on CMFDefault, for instance, even in testing).

  - it *may* make the tests themselves obscure, because the actual
    behavior being tested is tied up in lots of "extraneous"

Also because you have to know how the fixtures work to understand the tests. I'd rather have something a bit more verbose with explicit instantiation of fake tools than having to hunt in 3 base classes what methods are called, when debugging a test.


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