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Apologies! Although I had tested adding the configured site via the ZMI several times (though only on 2.8), the removal of the two lines in setuphandlers somehow got missed out when I posted the code and patches.

It is true that I didn't try checking out a clean install, applying all the patches and re-testing: I think the unit tests gave me a false sense of security. If there's consensus on writing functional tests, then I'll happily submit one to check that the 'configured CMF site' works in the ZMI.

A functional test is not needed, all that was needed for the MailHost- specific problem was to change the DummyMailHost implementation in the tests to actually look like a Zope 2.7 MailHost. In the end the unit tests were misleading.

The only complaint I really have is that the CMF1.5/Zope2.7 combo was neglected here. Since the next major CMF release will be a pretty big step it is important that CMF 1.5 stays supported because people might be using it for a while before they are ready to make the jump to the next CMF version.


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