Just noticed another debilitating problem with the new cookie crumbler setup driven by CMFSetup in both SVN trunk and the 1.5 branch.

Symptom: In a new CMFSetup-created site, no one can log in at all. Ever.

Problem: The CookieCrumbler.__call__ method is being registered as before traverse hook wrongly.

Basically, the new cookie crumbler CMFSetup stuff wants to use the machinery for instantiating CMF Tools. This machinery relies on the fact that CMF tool constructors can be invoked without any argument, to be more precise, without an ID passed in because all those tools have unique IDs that are set at class level. The CookieCrumbler does not. When the traversal hook registration happens in CookieCrumbler.manage_afterAdd the ID is needed, but calls to self.getId() now return an empty string.

A workaround could be to set an ID at class level, just like CMF tools do. But I am uncomfortable with that because the cookie crumbler is not known to have a unique ID as other tools have.

Does anyone have a better suggestion?


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