I see two options:

a) Use a different portal name

    portal_name = 'mysite'

b) Use getPortal() to create a new portal per test

    def getPortal(self):
        manage_addCMFSite(self.app, portal_name)
        return getattr(self.app, portal_name)


On 5. Okt 2005, at 01:08, Paul Winkler wrote:

At one time, I naively had it set up in getPortal() but that seems
to have worked only in one product and only by bizarre coincidence as it
failed in every other product test I tried it with.
(Random assortment of BadRequest and ReadConflictErrors, I was
never able to sort it all out.) So that seems unlikely to be the Right
Thing (tm).

Anything that happens, happens.  --Douglas Adams

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