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Victor Safronovich wrote:
> Hello zope-cmf-dev!
>   I have a question about DCWorkflow, WorkflowTool and Acqusition.
>   My  object,  during  change  state,  move  to  another folder and should 
> change
>   acqusition wrapper.
>   workflow_tool = getToolByName( my_object, 'portal_workflow')
>   workflow_tool.doActionFor( my_object, 'some_action' )
>   # during doActionFor raised ObjectMoved but i don`t know about that in here
>   # because WorkflowTool._invokeWithNotification shallow it.
>   # so my_object has old acqusition wrapper.
>   print aq_chain( my_object ) #wrong result
>   __do_something_with_my_object__
>   my_object.reindexObject()   #   my_object  reindexed  on  the wrong path ( 
> old
>                               #  path), but my_object has new physical path :(
>   i think i should subclassing from WorkflowTool and override doActionFor
>   But    how    can   i   repaire   wrapper?  if  i  create  new  wrapper in 
> the
>   doActionFor,  method namespace has old wrapped object.

The call chain looks like:

  <your code> ->
    wf_tool.doActdionFor(...) ->

Both of the tool methods return the result of calling the action.  In
cases where the ObjectMoved exception is raised, the exception has the
"new" object wrappers available, but the tool consumes that part of the
information (as you note).

>   Or may be i use WorkflowTool wrongly.

Not really;  but the tool doesn't expect that you will need reindex the
object (it already does that in the new location).

Here are a couple of alternate strategies:

 - You could modify the workflow action's result (which is coming from
   the code which actually raises the ObjectMoved exception) to include
   the newly-wrapped object in the result (e.g., as a tuple with the
   current result).

 - You could move the code in '__do_something_with_my_object__' into an
   "after" script of the workflow, where it would be passed the object
   in its new wrappers.

 - You could use the CMFUID tools, and find the object in its new
   location after running the workflow transition using its UID.

Hope that helps,

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