The effort of updating and merging Sidneis old local site manager
support is continuing. The new branch is:

And to prevent it from being outdates and hard to merge (happened even
with the branch I made at the castle-sprint) this is going to be
merged pretty quickly (that might mean tomorrow, even). So please take
a look at it, or if you think you should look at it before merging,
scream now! :)

I include the CMF list above, because the main idea with this is to
make it possible to start converting the portal tools to be local
utilities instead, thereby taking another step towards Zope3-ishness.
There is already a branch for making CMF portal objects local sites:

It so far contains only added tests: These tests
that you can add and lookup local utilities after declaring portals to
be local sites. Next steps are to include the zcml statement in
question in the standards configure.zcml, and change getToolByName to
in for utilities before it looks for the portal_something object.

Lennart Regebro, Nuxeo
CPS Content Management
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