On 13 Oct 2005, at 11:39, pete wrote:
bah! Next attempt - I copied an example from Five to get started and it Just Worked, so you must be close!

Should it not be <browser:pages> rather than <browser:view>?

And I'm not sure it should have a name="link_view" in the containing definition as that would apply to all the contained page definitions (which could be confusing) - perhaps in <browser:defaultView> instead?

Thanks to Pete and Lennart it works now - Lennart for suggesting the usage of browser:page instead of browser:view and for Pete to mention browser:pages, which let me easily "shadow" several "names" with little zcml code, namely "link_view", "index_html", "index.html" and "view". Those are the names and aliases currently provided by the Link type in the TypesTool.

A very unscientific test using "ab" to hammer both the "old-style" CMF view and the view class as given to me by Tres suggest that the view class approach *doubles* the serving speed. The template I am using is the same link_view.pt currently on the trunk with the part...

<p i18n:translate="">Link: <a href=""
              tal:attributes="href here/remote_url"

replaced by a call to the view class, which looks like this:

<div tal:replace="structure view/renderContent"/>

The view class "renderContent" method emits the same HTML as produced by the p tag from the current template, minus i18n processing.

I'll work on converting more content types along the same lines over the next few days on a svn branch.


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